Australian Truffles

Australian Truffles

There are many Trufieres in Australia located all over this vast land, each region has its own distinct terroir and climate.  We have given a small summary of the different regions that make up Australian Truffles.

Tasmanian Grown Truffles

An intensely aromatic truffle with flavour to match. These truffles are grown in one of Australia’s coldest growing regions resulting in a silky smooth, densely structured truffle with immense flavour that lingers on the palate for some time.

We anticipate that truffles will be available from our Tasmanian truffière in late June to early July. More information on the terroir of this truffière will be available shortly.

Pemberton WA

Located in one of the coolest growing regions in Western Australia, with a climate comparable to that of Bordeaux, this truffière reaps the benefits of its unique microclimate. The south westerly orientation emphasises the moderating effects of the southern ocean and possess a slightly cooler and wetter climate than neighbouring regions. The slope of the site and orientation also provide necessary drainage and protection of the soil surface from the hottest part of the day.

Ancient Kari loam overlays gneissic rock on the site and are some of the oldest known soils in the world, formed over 3.3 billion years ago. Known for their depth and good structure they produce an attractively shaped extra grade truffle.

The free draining soils achieve optimum moisture levels through abundant rainfall. The annual rainfall pattern allows for natural periods of water stress over the summer months. This brief period of stress contributes to vigorous growth of the fibre-like hyphae and creates cross connections that result in abundant truffle formation. A deficiency in some minor nutrients in this soil further encourage hyphae growth and result in the host tree returning more vital carbohydrates to the developing truffles. This successfully balanced relationship between the host tree and the truffle is directly related to the excellent flavour and aroma that these truffle possess.

As the host tree ‘feeds’ the truffle it is also developing the unique flavour, in this case it is particularly evident with hazel, as the flavour registers immediately with the palate. The cool microclimate of the site allows for slow and gradual growth of the truffle and intensifies its flavour and density. This creates a smooth structure and divine flavour that is unique and has the ability to pair well with any dish.

The result of this unique terroir is a well-formed truffle with a concentrated flavour and aroma. To best experience individual nuances of oak and hazel, serve truffle uncooked or grated over a finished dish. These truffles pair exceptionally well with delicate seafood dishes. Unique nuances of truffles grown on the roots of hazel can be further emphasised by using hazelnuts in your dish should you so desire.

A well-formed truffle with concentrated flavour and aroma.
Nuances of oak and hazel present.
Latitude. 34.45 °S
Altitude. 174 m
Mean annual rainfall. 1184 mm
Mean minimum temp. 10°C
Mean maximum temp. 20.3°C

Other regions

Truffle Distributors Australia provide only genuine Tuber Melanosporum or Black Perigord truffles, that have been tested and graded by us and that are from truffières we have personally visited and inspected. While we have our major regions listed, we also have smaller growers in other regions that we are able to source truffle from upon request.

Should you wish to discuss the varying regional characteristics of truffles produced in Australia for use in your menu, please feel free to contact us. We consider our clients to be our most trusted advisors; if you have tasted a truffle that you believe to be the best in its region, please tell us about it.

For truffières seeking representation, please contact us to arrange an inspection.