Here is a collection of clippings of The Truffle Queen in the Media.

The Truffle Queen in the Herald Sun 19/6/2017

HeraldSun The Truffle Queen Black Truffle



The Truffle Queen hosting the cooking demonstration by 3 ex Vue De Monde Chefs who have gone on to open their own restaurants.  Here they show how to use truffle to make some magnificent slides, some truffle souffle and some truffle scallops.

Joseph Vargetto from Mr Bianco in Kew is excited to announce his first Truffle of the season and his first Truffle dinner of the season, all with fresh black perigord truffles from the truffle queen.

The truffle queen hosting the Truffle Melbourne Festival 2017, showcasing Fal from Mr Bianco, showing how to cook a superb red wine risotto truffle dish.

The Truffle queen in an interview with Arcane

Phillipe Mouchele preparing a wonderful truffle dish.

Nigel From the Truffle Melbourne Festival hosting the cooking demonstration by Fabrizzio from Sagra.

The Truffle Queen is going to be in Japan to give a talk about Australian Truffles at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.

Ritz Carlton Truffle Queen Presentation