Truffle Butter – The Ultimate Recipe

Truffle Butter is delectable and lifts the flavour of everything that you put it on.  Slice it up and put it on a hot steak, drizzle it on chicken or fish and allow it to melt in, wafting off its delicate aroma. Or you can use it as an extra garnish with pasta or risotto, or simply add it to scrambled eggs!  Your imagination is the only limitation!  Its a fairly straight forward easy to make accompaniment for any dish that can last a very long time in the freezer.

How to make truffle butter


  • 100gms  Unsalted Butter
  • 30gms Fresh Perigord Black Truffle
  • Salt
  • 1 Truffle Micro Planer

Soften the butter at room temperature until it is soft enough to stir.  With a micro plane or similar small grater, grate the black truffle into the butter and stir well until all of the Truffle is evenly distributed through the butter.  As you go add a sprinkling of Salt to taste.

Once the mixture is homogenous you can either fill small containers or wrap it in kitchen foil and shape it like a sausage, freeze it and use when needed.

Truffles and truffle butter

You can use the truffle butter on steak, like the picture below and it really lifts the flavours in the steak and the bacon wrap.  Your taste buds will love you for it

Truffle butter with fillet steak wrapped in bacon