Truffle Care – How to store your fresh Truffles

Fresh Truffle Storage – how to care for your truffles.

Short Term Storage

Truffle care is paramount to making the most of your truffles.  Truffles are best enjoyed fresh, but they will keep for up to two weeks if necessary by storing them in a sealed glass jar wrapped in paper towelling in a normal domestic fridge. As truffles are a living body they need to breath and sweat. In fact truffles can lose up to 3% of their weight daily, so it is important to change the towelling regularly. Due to the very strong perfume we recommend glass container storage. Plastic storage may sometimes allow the aroma to penetrate into everything in the fridge!

  • Because the fridge is an inherently moist environment, it is important to wrap them in unbleached paper towels to absorb moisture.  After receiving your truffles, remove them from their packaging.  For best shelf life, our foragers recommend using tongs or gloves rather than handling them with your hands.  Pat them dry if any condensation has formed during shipping.
  • Place in a dry, sealed container like Tupperware, a glass jar or a zip lock bag, squeezing as much of the air out as possible.
  • Keep the container in the crisper compartment of your refrigerator avoiding the cooler areas of the fridge.

Long Term Storage

Though the results will not be as good as commercially preserved Truffles, you can freeze truffles at home for long term storage as part of your truffle care.

Freeze the Truffles Plain: Freezing truffles is the most reliable way for a home chef to preserve them for up to six months.  Vacuum packing before freezing is best, but if you don’t have a machine, place your truffles in a zip top bag with all the air pushed out or sucked out.  Freezing the truffles separately will make it easier for you to use them one at a time later.  Once frozen solid they can be consolidated into a single bag (with as little air as possible).  Once frozen, truffles are best cooked or grated from frozen rather than thawing first.  If finely grated, the warmth of your food should thaw them.

Freeze the Truffles with Butter: You can also pre-grate the truffles and mix them with butter to make truffle butter, then freeze the butter.

How to store your fresh truffles - truffle care