Truffle Hunting

Going on a Truffle Hunt is a pretty rare and special experience.  Taking a walk through the truffle trees with highly experienced and trained truffle dogs in search of rare and delicious black truffles is something to be remembered.  We can organise truffle hunts for chefs and for people with a deep interest in black truffles on one of our many farms.

truffle hunting dogs

There is a limit to the number of people that can come and experience a truffle hunt and places fill up quickly so please book early to avoid any disappointment.  2017 events are yet to be determined, but signup to our newsletter to stay up to date with whats happening so you dont miss out.

truffle hunt truffle dogs

The hunts will occur rain, hail and shine, though generally they are the former during the winter months.  The truffle hunt will show you how truffles are usually found using Australian Shephard dogs, that have been trained to smell out the aroma.  Pigs are generally no longer used as they also tend to eat the truffle when hunting for them.