Truffle Recipes

Here is a collection of some of The Truffle Queen’s  most treasured Truffle recipes.  Even if you are knew to cooking with Truffles you will find something here for you.

Truffle Toasties

Delicious truffle toastie recipe.  Simple yet delectable.truffle toasty truffle toastie


Beef Cheek and Guiness Pot Pies with Truffle

To warm you up on those cold winter nights, nothing beats this tasty beef cheek and guiness pot pie recipe.

Beef Cheek and guiness pot truffle pie

Truffle Butter

Ever wondered how to make truffle butter?  Here is the way the truffle queen does it.

How to make truffle butter

Soft Scramble eggs with truffle

Something so simple is made so much more flavoursome with the addition of some black truffle.

truffle scrambled eggs